Covid-19 Update Health & Safety Procedures

Health & Safety Procedures

We want to thank you for all your efforts in working with us to follow the Covid Safety protocols in our schools. Thank you for contributing to the stop of the Covid -19 pandemic, and for protecting not only your own health but also the health of all families, children, and staff. 
Edu1st is constantly updating policies, procedures, and requirements of its security protocol, which has been defined based on the recommendations of our team of medical experts, which meets and exceeds the Covid-19 guidelines of the Department of Health to contain the spread of the virus.

What we are doing:

These are the services we are providing:


Our Spanish – English Bilingual preschool program starts at 12 months of age until 5 years old and is full of amazing activities! We use our VESS Model and visible thinking to expose children to new experiences that enhance their motor and sensory skills, communication & language. Even if they do not speak, they quickly learn the language of thinking

Families will have the power to choose between keeping your children at home, bringing them to school, or using both services part-time.


We offer the VPK Program – a FREE educational program created to prepare four-year-olds in Florida for kindergarten. VPK stands for the Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program.

Registration must be done through the Early Learning Coalition. Please go online and apply to get the voucher. However, you can start the registration process in our school without the voucher and as soon as you get it you can bring it to our school or send it by email.

Virtual Pre-Kindergarten

A carefully crafted online-based program for 4-5-year olds designed by our team of experienced educators to fulfill and surpass the developmental needs of pre-kindergarteners in an engaging, meaningful way that promotes learning autonomy and their innate love for discovery and innovation…from home!

Take a tour! We’d love you to visit with the entire family-both parents, grandparents, and your little one! Here you will be able to see our unique VESS educational approach, observe the classrooms that are key to the encouragement and facilitation of our students’ learning, and meet our dedicated professional educators, who are genuinely passionate. We believe that the best way to experience FSIA is to come and see us first hand!