Edu1st Curriculum

"The world is facing very important and dramatic changes. We cannot continue teaching our youngsters as if we were living on the industrial age of the 19th century."

Edu1st Curriculum was carefully design combining the best traditional and contemporary styles of teaching.


  • Influenced by the National curriculum of England and Wales, The Australian guideline of education and the Primary Years Program (PYP) from the IB World schools, a program that is followed by two of the international sibling schools Education First has in Colombia.


  • Inspired by Reggio schools' approach and philosophy.


    Leaders in Thinking Based Education.
  • The curriculum incorporates and follows the Visible Thinking approach of teaching from Project Zero at Harvard University as well as concept maps, the use of the language of thinking and the exercise of the philosophy for children approach, are among other thinking tools.


Every child is provided with experiences of success and self-esteem which is essential in the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.


  • The curriculum teaches specific concepts and encourages the development of a variety of skills among which thinking skills are of great importance so that children can become protagonists on the construction of their own learning making connections and becoming intellectually autonomous to be successful in whatever they decide to do in life.
  • The curriculum is permanently growing and developing according to the needs of children and new researches in education.


    The ultimate goal is to promote intellectual, social and moral autonomy in the children.
  • It promotes a clear set of values that will lead children throughout their lives knowing what is right from wrong. It encourages children to become tolerant, honest, independent, creative, passionate, inquirers, collaborative, have a sense of gratitude, be dedicated and have compassion for others, all attitudes that will direct them to become socially autonomous

Education First Inc. is a company that owns and operates schools in Florida and internationally. In Florida it has nationally accredited preschool programs serving families with children twelve months to five years of age. Internationally it co-owns IB World accredited schools that serve children from preschool to high school ages.