Interesting Documentation from FSIA

On March FSIA developed some very interesting documentation while working with the seasons and books.

With the purpose of familiarizing children with books, Ms. Ana Cristina performed numerous and diverse activities that explored every aspect of what makes up a book. The children learned how to take care of books, the parts of a book (front cover, back cover, headband,) where the name of the author is, where the name of the illustrator is, and the basic ways in which a book functions.

In addition children used the “Topic Web” routine to talk about their favorite books and the “Beginning/Middle/End” routine to analyze the stories.


  • firststeps-visiblethinking
  • firststeps-visiblethinking-edu1stschools
  • visiblethinking-edu1stschools


Similarly, the other teachers at FSIA used different routines to explore the theme of the month, Seasons. Two very interesting examples of documentation are Ms. Tyler’s (who used a “Topic Web” to analyze spring, think/pair/share to explore summer, a headline routine for fall, and 10x20 for winter,) and Ms. Nildred’s (who also used different routines in every season and then elaborated a beautiful 3D tree to document her results!)