Music and its Impact in the Learning for Children in the 21st Century

Creating a Culture of Learning for the 21st Century requires children to be exposed to many experiences through activities that stimulate their senses and their thinking. In fact, the arts, in general, and specially music have demonstrated to have many benefits on children’s development. Music promotes discipline, concentration, determination, self-esteem, communication and creativity.

Music enhances mathematical thinking and intelligence development and helps individuals in real and substantial ways: socially, academically, and in life in general. Moreover, music among other arts like visual arts and dance are now considered to be the new language of media and sensory literacy for the 21st Century.

For that reason, Edu1st.Schools incorporated a music program in the curriculum. A proof of that is a group of children between the ages of 4 and 7 that are part of First Steps International Academy Children’s Orchestra, directed by Israel Aragon.