First Steps International Academy, a part of a much larger international educational organization called: Edu1st

Edu1st is a company committed to providing a challenging and enriching early childhood education that integrates the latest developments in the fields of neurology, education, and child psychology to produce the most effective and stimulating learning techniques for the child of the 21st century.


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Edu1st Schools create a challenging and enriching environment for learning where traditional and contemporary styles of teaching are carefully integrated. Every child is provided with experiences of success and self-esteem which are essential for the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of young children.

Edu1st Training provides comprehensive training to schools, business and the community.. In 2011 more than 300 educators from Latino America received training on “The Power of Making Thinking Visible”, “Thinking as a Pedagogical Strategy”, “Creating Cultures of Thinking” and “VESS”.

Edu1st Consulting is a group of professional consultants dedicated to providing comprehensive services to schools, businesses and communities.

The Edu1st Freenchise model allows schools to take advantage of our experience, program, curriculum, strategic planning, team, and the gooodwill of our name, without the restrictions of a regular franchise. Through it, a school can become part of a network of early childhood institutions that share and grow together in a culture of thinking that surpasses what each school can accomplish individually.



  • We believe that as educators and as human beings, we are not only responsible for the world we leave to our children, but for the children we leave to our world.
  • We believe that a preschool is not only a place where we keep your child safe while he/she learns the basics. In the Edu1st schools, we also want your child to be happy and enthusiastic about learning and discovering while he/she develops independence, values, and social and cognitive skills that are crucial for the dynamic and fast changing 21st century world.
  • We believe that our responsibility is not only with your child, but with your family. We want to go beyond; we want you to feel that First Steps International Academy is an extension of your home, and, furthermore, we are here to make your life easier and to help you out.
  • Why us? Early Childhood is a crucial stage in life. The age of information is over. We are in the age of intelligence, the century of the mind and the millennium of the brain. Our research based program has been created to engage your child in developing the thinking skills and the habits of mind necessary to succeeding in the 21st century.


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Edu1st Video - Training Testimonial
Denise Sulivan (CBG)-Testimonial



Edu1st Video - Training Testimonial

Jeff Baron (CGB) - Testimonial


Edu1st Video - Training Testimonial

Claudia Moreno talks about Edu1st.Training



Edu1st Video - Training Testimonial

Sylvia Monsable, FS Coordinator at CGB -Testimonial