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"We have loved our time at this school and the care you have shown our daughter! We are very sad to go and only hope we can find such a great school in our new location.

The school does really well  greeting the parents and children. It shows the teachers and staff care about the children."

- Cale Criswell

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  • vip kids googleuserA Google User reviewed 6 months ago

    We moved to Weston about 6 months ago and did a great deal of research into the right school for our 4 1/2 year old son. After searching close to 10 schools, we decided on First Steps due to reviews, location, price, presentation of the school, and most of all the friendliness of the staff. Well, we definitely made the correct choice!!!!! We are so happy with the staff, what our son is learning, the work our son brings home, the field trips, the activities, the friends he has made, the hours, after hours "Parents Night Out," and most of all the fact that my son sometimes spends 11 hours there and he doesn't want to leave when I come pick him up. To all of the parents out there trying to make a choice on the right school for their child, I highly recommend this school!

  • vip kids googleuserA Google User reviewed 6 months ago

    My twin daughters have been at First Steps International since they are 17 months.
    They are now 3 years old. They love their school and their teachers.
    My husband and I also love the program at First Steps (thinking routines, art classes...), both girls have made great progress in their vocabulary. =)  

  • vip kids googleuserA Google User reviewed 6 months ago

    I searched for six months for the right preschool for my 3 year old daughter. Prior to going to school she was at home with me and very very attached. I was concerned that the transition was going to be a difficult one but I was so pleasantly surprised at how well and quickly she adjusted. Why and how was simply because of the staff at First Steps. From the Director to the Teachers everyone spoke to my little one not at her. They made her feel welcome and she is so happy she asks to go to school on the weekends! I highly recommend this preschool. The atmosphere is always clean the people are friendly, well qualified individuals that truly love the children. They challenge the children on a daily basis with the wonderful curricullum and daily arts and crafts that are my daughters absolute favorite. I can not say enough great things about this school. 

  • vip kids googleuserA Google User reviewed 6 months ago

    T & J Williams --- Our 3 1/2 year old son has been enrolled at First Steps for the past six months and we love the program/curriculum and staff! My son has learned more in the past six months at First Steps than he did in an entire year at his previous school! He comes home excited to tell me what he has learned. The staff are very warm and friendly and incredibly attentive...every teacher knows and loves my child and that is very important as a parent to know that your child is well-cared for. The school's directors keep the parents well informed of any upcoming changes or events and are always open and available to answer any questions or concerns. It is a pleasure to drop off/pick up my son and be greeted warmly by all of the staff. I will definitely enroll my other son into the school when he turns one year's old. 

  • vip kids googleuserVeronica and Alejandro reviewed 1 months ago

    Early 2's class
    The Rodriguez's family is so lucky and blessed to have Miss Gina and Miss Silvana for the second time with our second son Luke. The love and dedication they give him on a daily basis is Priceless. They are part of our family and Luke loves to go to school and learn every day. He is always talking about school, especially about the "cooking Projects" Thanks Miss Gina and Silvana for all the love you give not only to Luke but to Ethan 2 years ago. You help them to grow and build character and that is exactly what us, parents, are looking in Pre-school education. 

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